The Hair Company • Holding On Fiber Wax
REF Ocean Mist • Zeezoutspray N°303 - 175ml
KYO Ecologic Hairspray 300ml - Strong
Murdock London Hair Play 50ml
Sold out
KYO Volumizing Styling Mousse 300ml - Strong
SachaJuan Ocean Mist Zoutspray 150ml
By Falengreen Hairspray 300ml • Strong hold, No perfume
By Falengreen Volume Spray 150ml • Allergie gecertificeerd
INSIGHT STYLING Elastic Fibre Paste 90ml
KYO Curly Design - Styling Cream
ZEW for Men • Hair Pomade 100ml
SachaJuan Hair Mousse 200ml • Medium Hold
REF Extreme Hold Spray N°525 - 300ml
KYO Style System Moulding Water Wax Strong -
REF Rough Wax N°505 - 85ml
The Hair Company Supreme Hold Wax

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