Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser 150ml
Evolve Organic Beauty Superfood Shine Shampoo 250ml • normal / dry hair
Doers of London Hydrating Face Scrub 100ml
KYO Restructuring Bi-Phasic Leave-In Spray 250ml
Murdock London Sea Salt Paste 50ml
KYO Hair Spray 500ml - Extra Hold
Murdock London Sea Salt Volume Mousse 150ml
KYO Noir Lotion • Remineralizing Hair Treatment • Black Cumin & Bamboo Bio
By Falengreen Volume Spray 150ml • Allergie gecertificeerd
KYO Kroma Mask 250ml • Hair color treatment

KYO Kroma Keeper Mask 250ml

SØN of Barberians Cleansing Face Mask for Men • Natural & Vegan
Doers of London Shampoo
KYORGANIC Elixir 100ml

KYORGANIC Elixir 100ml

KYO Organic Conditioner 250ml

KYORGANIC Conditioner 250ml

KYORGANIC Shampoo 250ml
KYO Noir - Black Cumin & Organic Bamboo Extract - Infusion 100ml

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